Our most fulfilling

hobbies and projects

Projects: In the air, on the ground & on paper!

mind...   body...   spirit...

•Airborne and terrestrial restorations and

   scratch  built projects.

•Each project having been planned

     following  meticulous research.

•Detailed  photo logs and precise documentation    

of construction were archived.

•Historical fact files were written with

   a complete  bibliography.

•Completed projects were actively put to use    

     according to their original intent.

We invite you to peruse the albums showing some of our endeavors by selecting the various tabs in the navigation bar at top of page.

Italmotion overview

This website is being redesigned, rebuilt, and expanded to show more of the Black family projects and hobbies over the years.

What you see above is but the tip of the iceberg!

Don and Margaret Black

Buckingham Army Air Field

Fort Myers,  Florida, 33905  USA

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